2018 Results | Multi-Day Endurance Events


2018 Results

The XNRG flickr Online Gallery

XNRG has its own online Flickr gallery where we upload our own photos from all of our different Events. You can view our flickr gallery online here. You will also find specific event galleries listed below

How do I download a photo?

Select the photo and open the actions menu, then click the '"View all Sizes" link inside the menu. On the next page, choose the size you want to download and click the link in the "Download" section. 
Bear in mind, you may not have permission to download the original file so you will not see "View all Sizes" in the actions menu or the "Download" section on the "All sizes" page of every photo. Please read http://flickr.com/help/general/#147

I'd like to use a photo I found on Flickr. How do I do that?" 

On your own photos, you will always see the "All Sizes" button and the original is available with a pro subscription. There is no batch download option but you can have a CD made from QOOP.