Have you always wanted to organise a long distance or multi-day running or mountain biking event?

Have you run or cycled a great route that you think would make an awesome race?

Do you want to provide a new event on the Ultra running or Mountain Biking Enduro calendar?

Do you want to earn additional income (£5,000 – £10,000 per race) doing something you love?

Does putting on a long distance or multi-day event seem hugely daunting?

Extreme Energy has spent several years delivering high quality, long distance, multi-day events with great feedback from competitors and sponsors alike.

We have learnt the hard way on how to put on complex events, by starting from scratch.

We have taken all these experiences and feedback from our clients to build a structured approach to organising races. We have packaged that structure and can now offer it to anyone who would like to organise their own event without all the teething problems, the administration headache and the cost that goes with it.

Basically you come up with the idea, decide what you want to do, work with us to market the event, provide the staff and resources for the event itself and we do the rest.

The Extreme Energy Vision for the Business

Extreme Energy is a company that inspires people to push themselves past their physical and mental limits.

Everything we do is “Extreme” and the service we provide revolves around providing an outstanding experience for our clients.

We are a respected responsible business that our sponsors and advertisers want to be part of and our clients keep coming back for more.

The advantage to our clients is that we provide a total packaged solution for a multiday experience of extreme activity.

The advantage to our sponsors and advertisers is being associated with a high quality product which delivers an outstanding experience to our clients and anchors them with high positive emotions to their brand

“We inspire people to Live Life with Extreme Energy”

The Extreme Energy Affiliate Package

This package is ideal for people that want to have maximum involvement in the event design and race management, but minimal involvement building up to the event. The race will be delivered to the Extreme Energy standard that our competitors have become used to.

The basics:

  • Multi-day event
  • Each day greater than 26 miles
  • Route approved by Extreme Energy
  • Adhere to the minimum safety and medical standards
  • Provide checkpoint staff and food to a minimum standard
  • Provide a complete all inclusive package for competitors
  • Provide a competitor experience that matches Extreme Energy standards

What you get:

  • A step by step guide to organising, marketing, planning and running a multiday event
  • Assistance designing the route, start/finish locations, CPs, danger spots etc
  • Assistance building a full marketing plan to promote the race – free and fee
  • Design of a logo for the event
  • Design of fliers for the event
  • Provision of an Extreme Energy email address for communication with your competitors
  • The event listed on the Extreme Energy website with all our other events
  • Advertising for the event on the Extreme Energy website, Facebook / Twitter page
  • Regular e-mail shots to our database
  • Set up of online race entry
  • Entry management and reporting
  • All insurance provided for the event
  • Assistance and advice on all permissions needed
  • Provision of all branding for the event – flags, start/finish/signage
  • Provision of Checkpoint material – water containers, tables, first aid kits etc
  • Provision of all checkpoint safety equipment.
  • Pre Race Day consultation – 3 months, 1 month and 1 week prior to the event to ensure all bases are covered
  • Race Director assistance at the event in the 1st year
  • Assistance and advice on the full risk assessment prior to the event
  • Agreement on medical support required
  • The Extreme Energy discount for pricing of branded T shirts
  • The Extreme Energy discount for pricing of branded medals
  • The Extreme Energy discount for pricing of race numbers
  • The Extreme Energy discount for medical staff
  • The Extreme Energy discount for vehicle hire
  • Assistance in filling and provision of goody bags with products from Extreme Energy sponsors
  • All race preparation such as registration lists
  • Provision of Maps and GPS down loads
  • Assistance with regular competitor updates prior to the event

What you need to provide:

  • Your ideas
  • Your time
  • Your energy
  • Your input

Provided on the day:

  • Registration staff
  • Base camp staff
  • On course staff including minimum of 2 staff per checkpoint (the Extreme Energy team can help here with our sponsors, charities and massage teams as required)


Extreme Energy will charge services as follows

Extreme Energy Ltd will charge 30% of the race revenue for the provision of the services listed in “what you get”

The Extreme Energy affiliate will need to pay for the specific event costs. T-shirts, medals, accommodation/food for the overnights, food for checkpoints, vehicle costs including vehicle hire and petrol, any medical support costs, permission costs – basically any costs associated with the event itself

This provides a great opportunity to put on a multiday event under an established brand name with none of the normal costs and huge learning curve needed to set up an event from scratch.

We would love you to be part of the Extreme Energy team.

More Information

You can download a PDF document with all the information about our Affiliate Package online here

For more information please contact Neil – – 07801244628