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Corporate Shooting Day at Bisley Ranges in Surrey

Over the years we have organised many shooting days for companies at Bisley Ranges. Some have just been fun days out as a reward to staff and business partners, some have been team building events, some have had a business content and fun element. 


  1. Do something most people have never done before
  2. Have fun and build relationships with partners and fellow employees


Bisley is the premier shooting club in the UK. It is where the 2012 Olympics was held and where the Army hold their annual shooting competition every year. 

Most people have never shot a rifle before. They may have shot a shot gun, but shooting a variety of military rifles is a totally different experience. 

Bisley is a shooting range with many clubs, and club houses. We use either the Old Seargeants Mess or The Artist Rifles Club (which is the SAS shooting Club). 

The club houses are like golf clubs. They have great facilities for meetings, food and a bar. We always get well looked after. 

Event Outline

A typical day would look something like this:

  • Pre event briefing for all participants, including getting the relevant paper work completed for each participant in advance for legal reasons
  • Welcome breakfast on arrival – Tea / Coffee / Bacon Butties etc.
  • Option for a business meeting with usual facilities of projector, flip charts etc.
  • Full safety briefing by the professional shooting instructors that will look after you during the day
  • Morning consisting of:
    • Moving target .22 shooting at 25 – 50m range
    • Long distance target rifle shooting
  • A great home cooked lunch, no alcohol
  • Afternoon consisting of:
    • 100m range firing a variety of military rifles from around the world
    • Team is split in two, with half in the butts holding the targets above the safety of the butt walls, so that you get a real feel for what it is like at the target end
  • Afternoon tea, prize giving and celebratory drinks

Extreme Energy will plan, manage and execute the whole event for you. 

For 20 people the rough cost of this event would be from £250 a head.