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Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive, Sales Management & Sales People Mentoring & Coaching

As individuals, at times we are all motivated, driven, enthusiastic and successful. However my experience leads me to conclude that no matter how successful you are there is another level you can go to with the right coaching. A level that you probably do not think is possible today, a level that you would not dream of aiming for now. 

I will work with you, as your coach, to help be clear on what you are aiming for in your business or personal life. We will determine short and long term goals. Be very clear on why you want to achieve these goals, build a plan and then ensure you deliver on your commitments.

We will also look at all the areas that may hold you back from achieving your dreams. We all have limiting beliefs that we are either conscious or unconscious of their existence. The key is to identify them and if they are in the way of your success, break through them. 

Imagine waking up on Monday morning being absolutely clear on exactly what you are going to do the minute your feet hit the floor out of bed, through to when you go to bed on Friday evening.  This is possible when we build the right plan and have the highest level of motivation.

Imagine that you are using every minute available to you to do the things that are IMPORTANT to YOU.

With the right focus, goals, plan and motivation we can all achieve much, much more than we “believe” is possible. 

I will enable you personally as an individual, your teams or business to achieve  outstanding success.

Sales coaching starts from £100 per hour, and can be built to suit individuals and teams.


To discuss in more detail how we can build an executive coaching plan for you or your team please contact Neil on +44(0)7801244628 or email neil@xnrg.co.uk