Corporate Cycle Sportive, Corporate Team Building and Motivational Speaking


Corporate Activities We Offer


    Corporate Cycling Sportives

    Get off-road or on-road with your clients, team or business partners! We've organised Sportives for our corporate clients for many years. Your business teams can raise money for charities as well as having a great day out with staff, partners and clients.

    XNRG Cycle Sportive can be organised anywhere in the UK, single or multi-day, mixture of distances for different capabilities, bespoke routes or classic routes.


    Corporate Team Building Events

    If you want to get the best out of your team it has been proven that building closer team working, collaboration and understanding can increase productivity and moral significantly. Whether it is a business team, a sports team, a club team or a family team it doesnít matter there will be another, more powerful level you can take them to.

    One of the best, most fun and healthy ways to build a team is to challenge them to achieve difficult tasks in an outdoor environment.

    The XNRG team building days are designed to achieve this goal and will be tailored to suit your objectives and your teams capability.


    Charity Walking or Running Challenges

    Corporate Charity events are a great way to work with your staff, clients and partners and raise money for great causes. Most companies have a Social Responsibility programme and taking on a physical challenge to raise thousands of pounds for charity is a great, low cost way of doing it.

    XNRG has organises long distance walks and runs, mountain challenges and military themed events. Companies like Qinetiq and Nationwide have also entered teams of walkers and runners into some of our multi-day events to raise money for charity.


    Motivational Speaking

    Take your teams to another level


    Executive Coaching and Mentoring

    No matter how successful you are there is another level you can go to with the right coaching