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22nd September 2016

What inside your bag? It's kit list time!

This weekend we're heading to the Cotswolds for 57 glorious miles of running. With this, or any other multi-day event, sometimes the mind boggles a bit when prepping. Lots of us have busy weeks, so we don't have much time or thinking space to plan the perfect kit list. That's why we've come to the rescue with this handy guide to what's inside your kit bag!

The list below was created for the Cotswold Way Ultra this weekend - but fear not, it's a great list no matter where you're walking, running or racing...

Running shoes or walking boots
Running gear
Water bottle or bladder (minimum 500ml)
A fully juiced-up mobile phone 
Thermal top
Warm hat
Emergency silver blanket
Fully charged head torch and spare batteries
Long trousers / leggings (spangly if possible)
Sleeping bag & sleeping mat 
Comfy togs for the evening
Wash kit including towel 
Ear plugs (snore-defenders) / Eye mask
Book / personal music for chilling
GPS watch & charger
A few pounds for refreshments and snacks
Foot care: blister plasters / iodine / antiseptic for happy feet.

And there you have it. One handy list of everything you need in one place. Happy packing! 


- photo for illustrative purposes only. This is an image from a self-sufficient race from XNRG's Susie!

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