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About us - XNRG

XNRG's mission is to help people challenge themselves and break through their mental and physical barriers, whilst providing peace of mind with expertly run events, going the extra mile for every competitor.

Our heartland is multi-day endurance events; we originally started to help people traing for the world's toughest desert footrace, the Marathon Des Sables. Today, we welcome hundreds of competitors across our events, from single day ultra marathons to multi-day events. We can't wait to welcome you!

Neil Thubron


Neil Neil is the Founder and Director of XNRG. He was introduced to extreme fitness events during his 12 years in the Territorial Army where he completed some of the toughest challenges the British Army has to offer.

He loves endurance activities and is a firm believer in constantly pushing personal boundaries. Neil has competed in many endurance events over the years from marathons, to Ironman to multistage multi-sport events such as the Marathon Des Sables.

Neil's passion for extreme endurance events was the driving force behind setting up Extreme Energy. He aims to enable people to challenge themselves and break through their mental and physical barriers.

Neil's latest endurance event was the Yukon Arctic Ultra. Advertised as 'The world's coldest and toughest ultra!' He entered the 300 mile event and finished first, testament to his competitive spirit.

Neil is also a motivational speaker and executive coach. He links his passion and experiences from endurance sporting events to the personal motivational drivers that are needed in the business world. Neil's experience in the business world comes from 25 years of leading large multinational sales organisations for corporate companies.



Anna Anna is the Founder and Director of XNRG and has always been a natural athlete.

As a youngster she swam for the GB team and is now a personal trainer by profession. Her sporting successes include winning several half marathons, starting the London Marathon twice as an elite runner behind Paula Radcliffe!, coming 10th British female in the Austrian Ironman, as well as winning several adventure races partnering Neil in the mixed pairs.

Anna was introduced to endurance ultra running by Neil and has completed several ultra marathons and multistage ultra marathons over the past few years.

Anna has a passion for seeing people succeed and also has a passion for making sure people have a great time at our events.



Brian Brian manages XNRG Administration. He is Neilís father and has been a huge part of the Extreme Energy team since the company started back in 2009.

Whilst he's never been a runner he loves being part of a team which enables so many dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen to have a great time and achieve such fantastic results.

Brian looks after most of XNRG's event admin and logistics including looking after event bookings and creating routes, route cards and GPS data. He is also always at every event doing so much more than one person should be able to do in one day!



Rich Richard, XNRG's Course Manager has been a key pillar of the Extreme Energy team since we started in 2009.

Anna and Richard have been friends since their youth and Neil and Richard have been good mates for 15 years. Whilst not an endurance runner Richard does run to keep fit, and enjoys endurance events, but more the sailing type. In 2003 Richard and Neil were part of a 6 man crew that completed the notorious Fastnet Race.
Rich recently accompanied Neil on the Yukon Arctic Ultra where he was part of the support team. A "Pilgrim Challenge" checkpoint it was not!

You will always see Richard with a smile and an encouraging word to all competitors as they make their way around the course whilst running around covering all of our event photography.



Annie Annie is our newest addition to the team, she is an ardent XNRG fan, having entered most of our events more than once. She is also a multiple over F60 winner.
Annie has also completed the Kalahari Extreme Marathon in South Africa 4 times.
250k in the Kalahari Desert over 6 days, self-supported. She has run 83 marathons including 13 London Marathons but says she is really a trail runner especially multi day events.

Annie will be responsible for registration and check-in administration.

In her own words "what could be better than joining the XNRG team"



Janine Janine looks after Marketing and Comms at XNRG. A keen cyclist and triathlete, she has an Ironman and multiple marathons on her list of achievements, and is passionate about spreading the word on how life-enhancing undertaking challenges and pushing boundaries can be.



Susie Susie Chan is XNRG's Social Media queen. She's a mother of one who enjoys ultra running. She has completed many races including the Marathon des Sables twice (finishing elite in 2015) Jungle Ultra in Peru, Ring O Fire, and 100 milers and many multi-stage ultras, and says she's happiest when out on the trails!

Ian Ian


Ian Ian looks after Event Booking & Planning for our events and is also a member of the core crew team.

A former XNRG customer, he enjoyed the experience so much he joined the company!